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Sunday Thali Feast

Sunday Feb 26 First EVER Thali Feast = Sample all the flavors $13.95  Lunch 11-3  Dinner 3-8pm ONE DAY ONLY ! Call 808-262-1800

First Ever way to experience many different choices for one price.

Its like a Buffet but WE serve YOU! We want to reward our loyal customers by letting you try our entire buffet line and we will even make your plate, you just tell us what you want to try. $13.95 and you can taste the many different dishes that we have. Most of the menu will be on display for you to just point and choose your way to flavorful ecstasy.

Luau plates or To Go boxes instead of Metal Compartment plates but you still get the variety you deserve. In India, the best way to enjoy a meal is with a Thali, a stainless steel compartmentalized plate where you get portions of a plethora of different veggies, meats, chutneys and rice. This has inspired us to present to you our version of the Thali experience.

CALL 808-262-1800 if you can make it!  Or come in this week and purchase a special ticket good for any other day. $13.95, 1 VIP box, all you can try from our front line only. Dont miss this opportunity. Offer expires 2/26/2017